Sky Q Wideband LNB (EL022)

Sky Q Wideband LNB (EL022)


  • £21.99

About the Sky Q Wideband LNB

This LNB is the very latest designed to work with SkyQ. The wideband spread of this LNB means that from just two tuners/outputs, it can provide the capacity to record up to 6 channels whilst watching others from various SkyQ devices. Please note that this LNB is designed for use with SkyQ only, and will not work with previous generation Sky, Sky+, Sky+HD or Freesat receivers; for this you would need the "Hybrid" version we also sell.

No instructions are provided with this product, therefore if you are unsure on how to install an LNB, we would recommend you have a professional carry out the installation. Image is for illustration purposes only, as models vary although all are suitable for a standard Zone 1 or Zone 2 dish.


Brand new complete with 1 year manufacturers warranty.

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