Sky Q Touch with Voice Remote Control


  • £25.99

About the Sky Q Touch Remote

The new Sky Q touch remote can be used with all Sky Q boxes, plus the Sky Q Mini box.

Its touchpad now has depressible buttons, so you can use it as a traditional remote if you like. But if you activate Touch Control from your settings, you’ll be able to pause, rewind and fast-forward by sliding your thumb left or right, and browse by swiping the touchpad.

Find what you want to watch even faster using Voice Control. Just press and hold the Voice button on the side of the remote to search for TV shows, movies and more.

Waving your arms at the ref? Covering your eyes in a drama? The new Sky Q touch remote is loaded with Bluetooth technology so if you're clutching it at a crucial moment, you don't even need to point it at the Sky Q box to use it.

The remote may be sleek and small, but you'll never lose it. If it ever goes missing, all you need to do is press the Q on the front of your Sky Q box and the remote will start beeping to help you find it.

Our Sky remote controls are brand new and GENUINE; not to be confused with the poorly made rip-offs available elsewhere.


Brand new complete with 1 year manufacturers warranty.

Technical specification

Colour: Black
Dimensions: Length 178mm, Width 50mm, Depth 27mm
Weight: 93g
Batteries: Not included (requires 2 x AA batteries)

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