Sky Freesat Quad LNB


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About the Sky / Freesat Quad LNB

This Quad LNB is connected to your Sky or Freesat satellite dish (zone 1 or 2) to allow additional cables to be added to expand your existing Sky Digital / Freesat setup.

The Quad LNB is used by installers when a customer has a Sky or Freesat recorder where 2 cables are needed, or when you wish to install Sky / Freesat in more than one room. Any digital box which has the capabilities of recording to the in-built hard drive requires 2 ports on the Quad LNB.

The latest LNB is designed to fit the 4th generation of Sky/Freesat satellite dish. If you have an older Sky dish, you may need a legacy adaptor. Please note that some unofficial third party dishes not labelled as zone 1 or zone 2 won't be compatible with this LNB fixing. The LNB also has a drop down rain cover to protect the cable ends/f-plugs, though we'd still recommend amalgamating tape just to waterproof the ends to prevent water running into the cables.

No instructions are provided with this product, therefore if you are unsure on how to install an LNB, we would recommend you have a professional carry out the installation. Image is for illustration purposes only, as models vary although all are suitable for a standard Zone 1 or Zone 2 dish.


Brand new complete with 1 year manufacturers warranty.

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