Sky DRX890WL Sky+HD Digibox

Sky | DRX890WL-1

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About the DRX890WL

The Sky DRX890WL is the last of the very best Sky+HD Digibox available, developed in-house by Sky. This digibox has gone through a much more intense testing than any previous manufacturer of Sky+HD Digibox ensuring it offers exceptional quality with reliability to match; ideal to enjoy the very best of Sky television, both in standard and high-definition.

This is the very latest genuine 'WL' 2017/18/19 model with built-in wifi (for accesing on-demand services) and official 500GB hard drive, sealed and brand new. We buy through the official Sky agent (ASA) supply chain, ensuring official brand new stock.

The Sky DRX890WL Sky+ HD Digibox carries a well crafted dark black (matt) curved shape, plus the small case design only found in this latest generation digibox; also comes with matching remote. The unit contains the large 500GB capacity hard drive for recording even more of your favourite programmes with Sky+ (Sky+ recording requires an active subscription to Sky), allowing you to record up to 185 hours of SD and 60 hours of HD.

As the latest generation Sky digiboxes no longer include a built-in RF output, you will need the Global iO-Link Modulator if you want to connect up to additional rooms/televisions to share the channel signal.


Brand new complete with 1 year manufacturers warranty.

Feature summary

Last of the Sky+HD generation of Sky digiboxes
Suitable for watching both SD and HD channels
Twin tuner for recording one channel whilst watching another (subject to subscription
High quality build and reliability
Modified version of latest HD EPG, including mini-TV mode
5.1 Dolby Surround Sound via HDMI
Massive 500GB hard drive, of which 250GB can be used for personal recordings
Official brand new stock from Sky supply chain


Dish In: 2 x LNB Input
Ethernet: RJ45 Ethernet Port
HDMI: HDMI with Dolby Surround Sound
Analogue: SCART (TV, VCR)
Optical: Optical Digital Output (SPDIF), Optical Coaxial Output
Serial: RS-232 Serial Port
I/O: i/O Port 1 x 10 pin mini DIN (for use with i/O Link Modulator)

Technical specification

Dimensions: Width 346mm, Length 255mm, Depth 73mm
Weight: 2.3kg (inc packing/carton weight 3.5kg)

Product contents

Sky DRX890WL Sky+HD Digibox
HDMI Cable (for high-definition channels, you must use HDMI)
UK Power Cable
Sky+HD Remote Control (inc 2 x AA batteries)

More Information

Official Manual page


Sky products are designed for use in the UK, where broadcasting restrictions apply. Whilst these products will work outside the UK with an appropriate satellite dish setup, many of the Internet based on-demand/interactive services are blocked, requiring a UK broadband connection (or suitable VPN to mask your IP address). By purchasing any Sky product from us, you acknowledge being aware of these facts and that some of the advertised services may not be applicable to you. Please contact us for more information.

The on-demand/interactive services available on this digibox are subject to the Sky subscription packages you have, and require a UK broadband connection of suitable speed. If you are viewing from abroad, these services will not work without a suitable VPN service to mask the IP address of your broadband.

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