WF65 Twin Satellite Coaxial Cable Black

WF65 Twin Satellite Coaxial Cable Black

Webro | WF65T/BL/5

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About the WF65 Twin "shotgun" Satellite Cable

The Webro WF65 satellite cable is widely regarded as one of the best satellite cables, ideal for PVR receivers requiring two signal inputs (two cables), such as Sky+, Sky+HD and Freesat+. Don't settle for lesser products, they won't last as long and offer the quality of signal this product will.

WF65 is two cables moulded together (shotgun) to a diameter of just 9.6mm total, making it ideal for passing through a 10mm hole used by most standard single cable installations. The two cables whilst moulded can be split at the ends for more flexibility.

WF65 cable is only recommended up to lengths of 20 metres before LNB signal loss may occur, resulting in loss/break-up of channels. For longer lengths, consider the WF100 Twin Cable.

You will require F-Plugs suitable for the WF65 ends; typically referred to as PL65 / PL68 or F-Connectors 65.


Brand new complete with 1 year manufacturers warranty.

Mechnical Specification

Type: WF 65 Twin
Inner Conductor: 0.65mm
Dielectric: Foam
Dielectric OD: 2.9mm
Screen: CU Foil
Braid & Coverage CU: T CU 83%
Outer Conductor OD: 3.5mm
Sheathing Material: PVC
Sheath OD: 9.5mm
Colour: Black
Min Setting Radius: 25mm
Max Tensile Strength: 12.5 N

Electrical Specification

Impedance: 75 OHM
Capacitance pF/m: 54
Velocity Ratio: 0.84
DC Resistance OHM/KM: 72
Max Current (leff) A: 4.2
Attenuation (d/B 100m) AT
10 Mhz: 4.0
50 Mhz: 6.6
100 Mhz: 9.7
230 Mhz: 14.9
300 Mhz: 17.2
470 Mhz: 21.7
600 Mhz: 24.8
860 Mhz: 30.0
1000 Mhz: 32.5
1350 Mhz: 37.3
1750 Mhz: 43.2
2150 Mhz: 48.4
2400 Mhz: 50.5
3000 Mhz: 56.5
Return loss AT
5 -470 Mhz: >20
470 - 862 Mhz: >18
862 - 2150 Mhz: >16
Screening Efficiency: >80.0

Technical Specification

Length: From 5 metres (pick from drop-down)
Colour: Black
Type: WF65 Twin

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