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Sky DRX895W Sky+HD Digibox 2TB (1.5TB personal space) (wifi) **discontinued**

Sky DRX895W Sky+HD Digibox 2TB (1.5TB personal space) (wifi) **discontinued**

Price (inc vat): £299.00     (click here for delivery times and cost)

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Due in stock: Discontinued, no longer available
Alternative: Sky DRX890WL Sky+HD Digibox

Sky DRX895W Sky+HD Digibox with wifi built-in
2TB (1.5TB personal space)

Brand new complete with 12 month warranty

The Sky DRX895W (now called DRX895L-W) is the very latest Sky+HD Digibox available, developed in-house. This digibox has gone through a much more intense testing than any previous manufacturer of Sky+HD Digibox ensuring it offers exceptional quality with reliability to match and †energy efficient; ideal to enjoy the very best of Sky television, both in standard and high-definition.

This is the very latest genuine 'W' 2015 model with built-in wifi and official 2TB hard drive, sealed and brand new. We are an authorised Sky agent (ASA) and one of very few with official brand new stock.

The Sky DRX895 Sky+ HD Digibox stands out from the rest with its premium dark grey/black (gloss) curved shape, plus the small case design only found in this latest generation digibox; also comes with matching remote. The unit contains the massive 2TB capacity hard drive for recording even more of your favourite programmes with Sky+ (††Sky+ requires an active subscription to Sky), allowing you to record up to 1180 hours of SD or 350 hours of HD.

Sky+HD 1.5TB Personal Storage *1.5TB personal storage; the remaining 500GB is retained by Sky for Sky-on-demand/System/3D services.

This is the very latest DRX895W with the built-in wifi adaptor so you no longer require a separate connector to access the Sky on-demand services (subject to your subscription and broadband connection).

As the latest generation Sky digiboxes no longer include the RF output's, you will need the Global iO-Link Modulator if you want to connect up to additional rooms/televisions to share the channel signal.

This brand new latest version Sky High Definition Digibox can be used with an existing Sky Subscription card, to benefit from the Sky+ functionality, or subscription HD channels (HD pack). Alternatively without a card you can still receive all free HD channels, such as BBC1 HD, BBC2 HD, ITV1 HD and C4 HD (to receive 5 HD, you will require a subscription). You are under no obligation to take out a subscription (from £22.00 per month), or HD pack (£10.25 per month) with this purchase, as you are buying from us a non-subsidised digibox.

Instructions on how to pair your existing Sky viewing card (if applicable) can be found here.

Sky DRX895W Sky+HD 2TB User Manual and Guides

- User manual (PDF)
- Pairing instructions (PDF)

Sky DRX895W Sky+ HD 2TB Digibox Features

- Sky+HD Digibox with massive 2TB 7200RPM SATA hard drive (1.5TB for personal storage)
- Built-in wifi so you can connect to your broadband router for on-demand services
- Sleek, sophisticated design with a lacquered, gloss finish
- Six times more personal storage than our Sky+HD box
- 1.5TB of space to record Sky TV
- 500GB of space for a selection on demand TV ready to watch
- Record up to 350 hours of HD TV – that’s enough for two weeks' worth of HD TV
- Or up to 1180 hours of standard TV – that’s nearly 50 days of TV

Sky DRX895W Sky+ HD 2TB Digibox Specifications

Contents include:
- Sky+HD Digibox with massive 2TB 7200RPM SATA hard drive and wifi built-in
- HD Remote Control (includes 2 x AA batteries)
- UK Power Lead
- HDMI Lead
- Need a Scart Lead?

- Digital Optical Audio Output
- Digital Coaxial Audio Output
- VCR/DVD Scart
- Dish input 1 & 2
- External Ethernet (RJ45)
- USB Interface (x2)
- RS-232 Serial Port
- i/O Port 1 x 10 pin mini DIN (for use with i/O Link Modulator)

* Please note that the Sky HD digiboxes do not include Component outputs; for HD picture you must use HDMI

- Dimensions (L x W x H): 351mm x 265mm x 73mm
- Weight: 2.8kg (packing/carton weight including product: 4.1kg)

†conform to EU legislation this Sky+HD Digibox comes with the new Sky 'off' mode to allow you to switch off and meet the maximum 1watt power usage. This option is selected by pressing and holding the power button for 5 seconds until the digibox displays the red 'off' light. In 'off' mode the digibox will NOT record any scheduled recordings, download Sky Anytime content or support TV Link, so they have included a 'standby' mode as well by just pressing the power button once, the digibox with go into sleep mode and display an amber light instead. A neat feature to meet all regulations.

††Please note that the Sky+ record functionality is free, but only available to those with a new or existing Sky subscription. You cannot use the Sky+ record functionality without a subscription, starting from £22.00 per month (this also applies to recording free channels; this is not possible without a subscription to Sky). To fully utilise the Sky Plus record functionality, you need to install a Quad LNB and second cable. This will allow you to record one channel whilst watching/recording another, or alternatively record two channels whilst watching something pre-recorded. You can still use the Sky Plus functionality with a single cable, but will be limited to watching the channel you are recording.

†††The on-demand/interactive services available on this digibox are subject to the Sky subscription packages you have, and require a UK broadband connection of suitable speed. If you are viewing from abroad, these services will not work without a suitable VPN service to mask the IP address of your broadband.

††††All Sky digiboxes are manufactured in-house following BSkyB's acquisition of Amstrad; you may therefore have previously known these digiboxes as Amstrad, but they are all now branded as Sky.

Click here for delivery times and cost.

Important notice - Sky and Freesat products are designed for use in the UK, where broadcasting restrictions apply. Whilst these products will work outside the UK with an appropriate satellite dish setup, many of the Internet based on-demand/interactive services are blocked, requiring a UK broadband connection (or suitable VPN to mask your IP address). By purchasing any Sky or Freesat product from us, you acknowledge being aware of these facts and that some of the advertised services may not be applicable to you. Please contact us for more information.

Read reviews

Author: Dan in France     Date added: 04/9/2016, 11:37 AM    
Thought disaster had struck, my older Sky+ hd box went on blink just as the NFL season is due to start on Sky sports. Ordered my new box from Satbuyers on Wednesday at 3.30pm and it arrived at my door in France at 8am on the Friday morning. Now it takes quite a bit to impress me especially when it comes to getting good service from anyone but I AM IMPRESSED. Well done Satbuyer and might I also mention that I did shop around and your prices are comparable if not cheaper than most. Very highly recommended.
Author: Shane     Date added: 13/05/2015, 12:35 PM    
I ordered my new sky box from satbuyer on having read the glowing reviews first.normaly I'm sceptical about reviews when shopping on line especially when your spending a lot of money and haven't seen the box first,But I was very impressed with satbuyer. I ordered the box later than the cut off time for next day delivery. I text the company understanding my late order to find out when I would likely receive it. I got a return text within 2 mins to tell me I would after all receive it the very next day. Just as promised it arrived next day well packaged. Incidentally set up was a breeze any none techie can do it. Buy with confidence recommended .
Author: Jason H     Date added: 10/01/2015, 10:22 PM    
Didn't expect it to arrive so quickly. Great packaging too. Feeling quite smug now as I bought the box, the i/o adapter and the infra red extender. Connected it all up, performed a firmware update, paired my box to the card using the automated service from sky via telephone and now working like a dream. Loads of space and can now display images from my android phone via the sky app as well. All good and very straight forward. Cheers.
Author: Carl     Date added: 20/08/2014, 08:29 PM    
Ordered on Tuesday, arrived Wednesday bang on the time expected from the courier, well packaged & exactly as expected. Particularly like the way that the manual was available on-line as was the instructions to call Sky in order to pair the card. This is the way that customer service should be delivered - Great work guys, thoroughly recommended !!
Author: Nathan     Date added: 06/9/2013, 06:30 PM    
Better than the old sky + HD box.
Author: Jamie     Date added: 29/08/2013, 11:20 AM    
Ordered thro satbuyer and very happy I did. They unit was brand new as described and is so much better than the old Samsung it has replaced. Really like the gloss finish, matches with my other tv equipment and is the smoothest to navigate. Definatly worth buying from satbuyer as Sky wanted to come round and install (probably so they can plug in a telephone lead which isn't needed) but I had everything already in place, so they saved me a lot of hassle. Highly recommend.

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