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Scart to Scart Cable - Black (1m) **discontinued**

Scart to Scart Cable - Black (1m) **discontinued**

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Scart to Scart Cable - Black (1 metre)

The unbranded Scart Cable is ideal for use with any Scart compatible electrical equipment. Ideal for standard-definition programmes on a SD Sky, Freesat or generic receiver.

Quality of cables don't vary much between manufacturers, these cables are ideal for a good quality picture and sound, don't be fooled into believing that a high brand expensive cable with gold plated terminals etc will make much difference. Most magazines you find suggesting otherwise rely heavily on advertisement from these high-end cable manufacturers. If the distance between your two electrical items is less than 1 metre, then this is the cable you need.

Our SCART cables are 100% compatible with all standard-definition standards.

Unbranded SCART Cable Specifications and Features

Colour: Black
Length: 1.5 metre

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