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Satbuyer Premium F-Plug Gunmetal (for WF100, CT100, RG6 cable)

Satbuyer Premium F-Plug Gunmetal (for WF100, CT100, RG6 cable)

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Satbuyer Premium F-Plug Connector (Gunmetal)
**suitable for use with WF100, CT100, RG6 cable**

Brand new complete with 5 year warranty

Satbuyer Premium F-Plug Connector Satbuyer's own brand f-plug connectors offer the highest quality available; in tough aluminimum, these f-plugs are suitable for use with WF100, CT100 and RG6 cable (not WF65). The F-plugs include a rubber seal to protect the cable from water ingress plus a quality screw fix thread to ensure no risk of damage or over tighening onto your cable head. Unlike cheaper f-plugs available, these are designed to last (no cheap imports) and finished in gunmetal grey, give a classy look.

Designed for use with most satellite cables including WF100, CT100 and RG6; commonly used with Sky and Freesat installations.

Satbuyer Premium F-Plug Connector Don't settle for less; low cost f-plugs will offer poor fitment and might affect the quality of picture and sound through your satellite receiver.

So confident with the quality of our f-plugs, we provide a massive 5 year warranty against failure.

Note - it is important to remember that whilst these f-plugs will give you the best possible connection, they are still reliant on the quality of your assembly, as well as the satellite installation etc.