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Global Stacker De-Stacker (30mtrs) **discontinued**

Global Stacker De-Stacker (30mtrs) **discontinued**

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Due in stock: Discontinued, no longer available
Alternative: Global Stacker De-Stacker (DiSEqC enabled)

Global Stacker De-Stacker (30mtrs)

Brand new complete with 12 months warranty.

Global Stacker De-Stacker (30mtrs) The Global Invacom Stacker De-Stacker is designed to allow 2 LNB feeds to connect to 2 tuners, or Set-top boxes, via a single coaxial feed.

The Stacker De-Stacker is suitable for both 'Direct to Home' (DTH) and 'Multi-Dwelling Unit' (MDU) applications.

The 'Standard' Stacker De-Stacker is designed for use with cable runs of up to a maximum of 30 metres.

Global Stacker De-Stacker (30mtrs) Features:

- 2 LNB inputs into one cable
- Both LNB inputs independently selectable
- 'Standard' and 'Long Cable' versions available
- Glitch free operation

Global Stacker De-Stacker (30mtrs) Specification:

- RF Connectors (75Ohm) F Type
- LNB 1 (Converted) Input: 950MHz - 2150 MHz
- LNB 2 Input: 47MHz - 2150 MHz
- Common Output: 47MHz - 3850 MHz
- Insertion loss / gain: LNB 1(Converted) to Common: 0 dB, LNB 2 to Common: -2 dB
- Power consumption: Supplied by De-Stacker
- Dimensions (waterproof cover): 155 x 122 x 35mm excl. support bracket (18mm deep)

- RF Connectors (75Ohm) F Type
- LNB 1(Converted) Output: 950MHz - 2150 MHz
- LNB 2 Output: 47MHz - 2150 MHz
- Common Input: 47MHz - 3850 MHz
- Insertion loss / gain: Common to LNB 1(Converted): 0 dB, Common to LNB 2: -2 dB
- Power Consumption: External power supply (included) protected.
- Dimensions: 116 x 90 x 32mm excl. connectors.

- LO SSB Phase Noise: -80dBc/Hz at 10kHz offset.
- Integrated Noise: 1.5degree rms
- Min Input Level: +68dBuV with 30m cable
- Max Input Level at LNB1: +95dBuV, total power
- Spurious Outputs: -40dBc at max. input level
- Operating Temperature: -15C - +40C