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Amstrad DRX780 Sky+HD Digibox (300GB) **discontinued**

Amstrad DRX780 Sky+HD Digibox (300GB) **discontinued**

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Due in stock: Discontinued, no longer available
Alternative: Sky+HD Digiboxes

Amstrad DRX780 Sky+HD Digibox (300GB)

All digiboxes are brand new, come complete with 12 months warranty (supplied by us) and instructions on how to pair your existing Sky viewing card (if applicable)

The Amstrad DRX780 is the most recent PVR4 version Sky+HD Digibox to the market. Amstrad is now owned by Sky and therefore this product has gone through much more intense testing than any other manufacturer of Sky+HD Digibox. The Amstrad has proven to be a very reliable unit. All round this digibox offers good quality and reliability to enjoy the very best of Sky television, both in standard and high-definition.

The Amstrad DRX780 Sky+ HD Digibox design matches the existing HD models, with its dark black curved shape and matching remote. The unit contains the same *300gb capacity hard drive for recording all your favourite programmes with Sky+ (Sky+ requires an active subscription to Sky), allowing you to record approx. 150 hours of digital TV.

*160gb personal space

This brand new latest version Amstrad Sky High Definition Digibox can be used with an existing Sky Subscription card, to benefit from the Sky+ functionality, or subscription HD channels (HD Mix). Alternatively without a card you can still receive all free HD channels, such as BBC HD, Luxe HD and C4 HD (C4 HD currently requires a Sky FTV card). You are under no obligation to take out a subscription, or HD Mix (10 per month) with this purchase, as you are buying from us a non-subsidised digibox.

Please note that the Sky+ record functionality is free, but only available to those with a new or existing Sky subscription. You cannot use the Sky+ record functionality without a subscription, starting from 18 per month (this also applies to recording free channels; this is not possible without a subscription to Sky).

Amstrad DRX780 Sky+ HD Digibox Specifications and Features

Contents include:
- HD Remote Control (includes 2 x AA batteries)
- Instructions
- Scart Lead
- UK Power Lead
- HDMI Lead
- RF Lead
- Telephone Lead

- S-Video Output
- Digital Optical Audio Output
- Digital Coaxial Audio Output
- L&R Phono Audio Output (white and red)
- VCR/DVD Scart
- Dish input 1 & 2
- External SATA
- External Ethernet (RJ45)
- Modem/telephone connection (RJ11)
- USB Interface (x2)
- Aerial In
- RF Out 1
- RF Out 2 (9v)
- Interactive Card Slot

* Please note that the Amstrad Sky HD digiboxes do not include Component outputs; for HD picture you must use HDMI

- Dimensions :: 399mm x 295mm x 81mm
- Weight :: 5.2kg (incl packaging/accessories)

NB - This Sky+ HD digibox can be used with or without the HD facility from Sky. Without, this digibox can be used to access BBC HD, Luxe HD and C4 HD. With the SkyHD facility, you will gain access to more HD channels as part of the subscription package you have with Sky. Please note that by subscribing to the HD channels, you pay Sky 10/month.

- To fully utilise the Sky Plus record functionality, you need to install a Quad LNB and second cable. This will allow you to record one channel whilst watching/recording another, or alternatively record two channels whilst watching something pre-recorded. You can still use the Sky Plus functionality with a single cable, but will be limited to watching the channel you are recording.

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